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Private Business Coaching Client Stories

Melissa Polom“Before connecting with Tara, I spent the majority of my life doing things for all the wrong reasons.  I wasn’t sure where or how to really focus energy, and while I wanted success, I believed it had to be hard and that it meant sacrifice – and that is NOT how I wanted to live. Through my coaching with Tara, I have come to realize that my dream is not one particular passion but rather a passion for how I want to live each day – free to decide my own schedule, be the independent woman that I am, and have time for not just work, but for myself, my friends and my family. From this clarity, Tara helped me create a real estate business that encompasses all the things I want out of a career while also allowing me the freedom to live my life the way I had only dreamed that I could. In my first year as a real estate agent, I made over $2.5 million in sales!  And the really amazing thing is … it felt effortless and FUN.

I cannot express how grateful I am to have Tara as my coach.  She connects with me on a level like no other and centers me with just a few words.  I just renewed for another year of coaching with Tara, and I KNOW the upcoming year is going to be the best ever, both in my career and for my life as a whole!”

~ Melissa Polom, Keller Williams Realty, Rhode Island

Martha Brettschneider“When I hired Tara as my coach, I thought all I needed was nuts and bolts business development advice. I thought I had already done the inner work to move beyond fear. Tara’s skillful, heart-centered coaching prodded me to dig deeper and identify subtle beliefs that were holding me back from thinking bigger. After a bout with cancer, being present for my family was my highest priority, even while being pulled by a deep sense of purpose to share the benefits of mindfulness practice through my writing, nature photography, and workshops.

When I started my work with Tara, the only products I had were the book I had written (Blooming into Mindfulness), a couple of workshops and speaking engagements under my belt, and my nascent photography business. Tara first helped me design a unique and personalized offering that helps clients cultivate their own daily meditation habit. The conference call program, which takes place at 6:45 am, provides me the flexibility to both be there for my family and develop my other business areas. It has become the most fulfilling work of my professional life (outshining my previous career as an international economist). Tara is also a gifted speaker coach; our VIP Day was devoted to an in-depth review of my signature talk, which left me feeling confident and prepared for my upcoming speaking engagement(s). Tara then helped me rebrand my business, Damselwings, LLC, in a way that brings my mindfulness and photography offerings under one unified message. She is always one step ahead of me in thinking of ways I can expand my product offerings, increase my revenues, and add depth to my business. In my first year with Tara as my coach, my sales revenues increased by 117%. As of this writing, now in my second session with Tara, my first quarter revenues alone (during my quiet time of year) are up 46% over last year. I feel not only confident as a business owner, but deeply fulfilled and in alignment with my purpose. Thanks to Tara, I’ve created a business that is unique to me and I have not had to compromise!

~ Martha Brettschneider

Ushmi Dosaja“I was struggling to find my own voice within my business. Knowing that I wanted to serve my clients from a place of personal authenticity yet not fully understanding what that meant to me was hindering my progress.Since receiving coaching with Tara, I am now clear about what it means for me to be authentic in my work, as well as how I can best use this to be of true value to those that I work with. This has resulted in huge potential for my business. Tara’s gift of being able to see straight through to the heart of the matter is incredible and I would highly recommend her services to those who want to take their lives/businesses to the next level. She is a stellar example of a coach and I am in deep appreciation of the support she continues to give me.”

~ Ushmi Dosaja, Life Design Coach

Kimberly KirkThe Dream Acceleration™ Program was one of the best things I have EVER done for myself in my entire life (since that road trip across America in my 20’s)!  But if you are really serious about changing your life to become what you’ve always dreamed of becoming, I’ve got two words for you: Private Coaching. Private coaching is having ONE person in the whole world, that not only completely “gets” you, but also fully supports the best possible version of YOU. I have never had someone in my life support me like this, never. This is not anything like counseling. Counseling is important, and very necessary for some people. Counseling I’ve done. Coaching is different. How? Well, it’s faster for one. For me it’s been a super-charged fast track! Of course, you guide the speed and can go as fast or as slow as you want. But still it’s a faster track than counseling I think mostly because instead of discussing for hours about what’s not working, what someone did to us that made us this way – we instead learn how to just stop the madness, stop living in the past, and stop creating the past over again in our future. We stop making excuses, stop doing stuff for the sake of doing stuff and we start becoming. We are guided to face all that brought us to this point in our lives and accept it, and then with grace and celebration – move on. I don’t really know what other coaches out there are like, however I am sure they vary to a large degree.

I myself feel so very fortunate to have found Tara and I’ll tell you why: She’ll call you on your own bull – but in the kindest, most amazing way that will make you happy to realize where you were in denial. And instead of allowing you to beat yourself up for your short-comings – she’ll celebrate every little success with and for you until you learn to really celebrate them too. She’ll ask you the right questions, give you the right “homework”, and help you see a more positive perspective that will guide you to your highest self. Yes of course, you will have to do the work… she is amazing at what she does, but she can’t do it for you. I am sharing this because if you are at a crossroads or wondering where to go next, and anything like me, I absolutely thought I could not afford coaching, especially when it meant spending money on myself. The old me would have just never done that.

But I took a first step and took Tara up on a callThat choice, and all that have followed, have empowered me in such amazing and personal ways that each of us can only know for ourselves, but let me tell you, I am so glad I did. Every month since then, when I send in my payment, I celebrate that moment and that choice. I started out the Dream Acceleration Program™ wanting to create a new business for myself that would align my values and needs with my work, provide a great income and help others. What I’ve received was so much more than that. My whole life I have longed to be just happy in my life. I don’t ask for much, just to be happy – and finally, I truly am. The shifts that have taken place inside me are creating the future I want, instead of recreating the past. I am learning how to stop trying to control my life and actually just BE the person I want to be and flow with it. With Tara’s guidance, my dreams have not changed so much as they have expanded. As have I. I want you to know that I am not trying to sell you something, not even a little bit. I so wanted to share something that has changed my life forever. I feel that my journey and all my years of searching led me to Tara and I am so very grateful for that! This has been a huge turning point in my life and I know, without a doubt, that I can and will have the life of my dreams. I wish that for YOU as well.

~ Kimberly Kirk, professional pool champion & creative entrepreneur

Ceci“Working with Tara gave me the ability to visualize a salary that I originally thought would be unreachable. After going over my experience and skills I realized how much I am worth, and how much I had to offer to a potential employer. While interviewing, I was able to successfully negotiate for a salary that was 40% higher than the one I would have asked for before working with Tara! The salary negotiation process went smoothly because I knew I deserved it, and I learned that my employer knew it too because not only did I get the job I wanted, but I got the salary I asked for too!”

~ Ceci, Business Marketing Executive

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Lori DelfosseI was not focused and walking on a continuum of mayhem. Being a natural creative, I needed some structure to wrap around my intention for a successful health consultant business.  As a result of my VIP Day with Tara, I now have a plan of success including the structure of services I provide as well as a solid framework for the marketing initiative to launch “Lori RN”, a Contemporary Medicine™ practice bridging the gap of western and eastern philosophies.

Tara helped me reframe my thoughts into new directions that my mind had not yet ventured. I look forward to seeing continued positive results in this entrepreneurial adventure, one that I truly believe that without Tara, I would have given up long ago. Having her with me through this process is making my dream a possibility to actually realize. I am grateful for her commitment to me and our mutual goals of success!”

~ Lori Delfosse, RN

“I dreamed of being a consultant for non-profits, yet I was not clear about how I was actually going to pull this off, earn enough, attract the right clients…or be sure that I had the kind of flow that I wanted between work and the rest of my life. Since receiving coaching from Tara, I have clarified WHY I want to start my own business and, even more, I’ve moved forward to actually allow myself to BE a successful business owner! Through Tara’s wise and focused support I have more energy than I’ve ever had, a clear plan to grow my business, more time to pursue a life outside of work, and I’ve learned to ask for and RECEIVE powerful support from other people.I am so pleased I decided to have an in-person VIP Day with Tara – it was POWERFUL! I am so excited to celebrate all of what took place in just ONE day … from celebrating BEing in business with our ribbon-cutting ceremony … to mapping out my extraordinary and unique process, packages, and plan (The 3 P’s!) to create $240k in revenue in 2013!… to serving in a way that has a Big Impact on improving the lives of families and children (my Big WHY). AND – all of this with just 7 ideal client organizations in 4-day work weeks! Thank you, Tara, for helping me learn the real power of making a decision, ONCE – and then doing whatever it takes to realize my dreams! Every day I wake up and am thrilled to be doing what I love! And I know there is so much MORE to come!”

~ Catherine B. Walsh, President/Founder of Results for Children™

Debbie Grant“I felt alone, uncertain and scared to make a decision for a change. I worked long hours, filling my days, trying to feel a sense of purpose and satisfaction, unaware of how the “noise” of my days were blinding me, to my gifts and all of what I wasn’t doing, was missing out on, and believed I couldn’t do. Always wanting to please others, I came last when and if I had anything left to give myself. Usually I’d fall sleep feeling sad, exhausted, and really stuck, only to get up the next day and do it all over again. Tara’s coaching and support has opened my eyes to a new experience of life. It started with The Dream Acceleration™ Program, followed by private coaching. Since coaching with Tara, I confidently made the decision to leave the corporate world after 37 years, and I started asking questions like, who am I? what am I feeling? what do I need and want? What I have done with her inspiration, support and coaching is UNBELIEVABLE. Tara listens. I feel totally heard, valued, and inspired after every call, as well, any time in-between calls with the many resources and tools that she makes available to her clients. Anytime I ask for help, it arrives! The power of being seen and heard consistently, has supported and encouraged me to go deeper, challenged me to uplevel, and create new empowering routines in my days.

Tara’s coaching has also offered me powerful visual and mental images that support me in a big way. I’ve connect with my inner wise woman, and my inner tiger – and even a little rascally dog that bites at my ankles taunting me to slow down my growth. But I’m unstoppable now! I’m making empowered new choices, including a willingness to ask for help without guilt, which has helped me create AMAZING new relationships with family & friends. My life is totally blossoming, and all this in 3 months! WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE in the next 3 months?!?

Tara is truly a blessing in my life. She is a powerful coach and I highly recommend her and her programs! I had no idea all I had hidden deep down, that was holding me back. Her coaching and wisdom has supported my growth, allowed me to uncover, in a safe place, with support!

Tara, THANK YOU from my heart, for your coaching, listening and most importantly, for hearing what I was NOT saying or afraid to say, and gently guiding me. As I am growing my confidence to express, release, and grow, this work together is truly invaluable.

~ Debbie Grant, Canada

Lisa Friend“I was a weary elementary school teacher living a life of complacency. Since hiring Tara as my coach, I have a new lease on life. Through our work together, a new business has been born! I am now the founder and CEO of Curb Appeal Designs™, creating welcoming Frontscapes to reflect your personal style.Through our coaching together, I was able to harness my previously untapped creativity and channel it into creating a business that leverages my gifts so I can do what feels like play – creating seasonal decor, event design vignettes, and outdoor staging for homes and businesses.Tara’s gift of compassion and insight combined with effective questioning techniques seriously helped me uncover my light. She was ever so patient as she guided me through the creative process that helped me uncover my dream. My VIP Day was amazing from beginning to end. Tara was vigilant at making sure I was comfortable, while she rigorously covered all aspects of launching a successful business! I can’t thank her enough for helping me recreate my life, on my terms, and doing what I love!”

~ Lisa Friend, Curb Appeal Designs™

Lisa Luken“Tara, I just wanted to send a note to say thank you once more for how you’ve impacted my life.

As you’ve seen, I’ve come quite far in the (almost) 3 years since we met! I’ve been reflecting on this lately and when people ask where my turning point was, I always go back the work I did with you and The Dream Acceleration™ Program.

I truly can’t believe how much my life has changed. It’s strange now to think that 3 years ago I was living my default life waiting for “someday” when things would get better-when I’d have more time to travel, have more money in the bank, be able to spend more time with my kids, working on my hobbies, meeting friends for coffee, meeting new people and so on…

And to think that now I am living intentionally, choosing how I spend my days (doing all of those things I longed to do), and doing work, not only that I love, but that makes a difference in people’s lives. Before I started working with you, I used to think that only “other people” got to live fun lives doing things they enjoyed and work that made a difference. I thought I was stuck on the path I had been on and I didn’t even realize there was a way “out”, a way to be more like those “other people” that seemed to really be happy.

So again, thank you (and Janina and my fellow dreamers), from the bottom of my heart. I am forever grateful for the difference you’ve made in my life (and my family’s and my clients’ lives, too!).

As I write this, I realize that we’ve never actually met in person! That seems so hard to believe!

Feel free to share this if you’d like. I know I gave a testimonial after our work together, but I feel like all this time later, after having changed my life so much, I wanted to tell you this and let you know that I am even more grateful now!””

~ Lisa Luken, Simple Joy Living

Patricia Young“I had some systems and packages in place for my business, but since I started coaching with Tara, I have so much more clarity about my vision, my unique process to work with my clients, and the packages that I offer. I am able to clearly map out a marketing plan, next inspired actions to follow and see new possibilities ahead.

I also had the privilege to experience a VERY powerful and expansive VIP Day with Tara! Tara created an awesome space for co-creation, an intensive day that is bringing me and my business forward to achieve ALL my goals in an accelerated way. Thank you Tara for your amazing intuitive and wise support!”

~ Patricia Young, Inner Prosperity Academy

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Client stories from our other renowned programs

Laurie, a mother of three grown sons, and a (now) ex-dental hygienist, dreamed of living in Costa Rica. Six months after we started working together, I was so honored when Laurie’s sister invited me to Laurie’s surprise going away party – one week before she was leaving to fulfill her Costa Rica dream! Laurie created this 2-minute video about her journey. (It’s a tear-jerker. Get out the tissues!)

Stephanie OsbornThe Dream Acceleration™ Program was awesome! In 8 short weeks, I learned how to eliminate the obstacles and move towards my dreams with energy and enthusiasm.  This process is one I will carry with me for the rest of my life.  I now feel as if there is nothing I cannot do or conquer. Thank you Tara, you are one of the bright lights placed on my path sent to guide me towards my true calling.”

~ Stephanie Osborn, entrepreneur and avid dreamer

Ginny Fox“Tara’s questions always make me see things in a different way. Somehow her questions evoke solutions in me. Her encouragement and insights are invaluable.”

~ Ginny Fox, founder of The Peace Flag Project

Michael SlaigerMeet Michael

The Dream Acceleration™ Program was insightful, rich, and as a result of the program I made some major decisions.  The experience allowed me the space to really think about what my dream is and to begin pursuing it, step-by-step.

I have made some major adjustments to my dream and I am so glad to be able to go back over my notes and all the program materials again anytime.

~ Michael Slaiger, teacher

Catie AllardThe Dream Acceleration™ Program came into my life during a time of mass confusion in terms of my direction and purpose.  Working with Tara has been the much needed guidance, support, and inspiration to move forward.  Now I am moving confidently on my path, sharing my creativity, and discovering and manifesting my heart’s desires. Thank you!”

~ Catie Allard, artist, Inspired Wires 

Erika“I was unsure how to even get my dream off the ground. I knew what I wanted to do and had some lofty goals in mind but wasn’t sure that I could attain any of them. They were daunting and I found myself doing a lot more thinking than actually doing! I was intimidated by the thought of going after my dreams and kept thinking that I would work on it … someday. Since receiving coaching with Tara through the The Dream Acceleration™ Program, I realized that someday is NOW and have actively pursued my dreams with fantastic results. My stationery line was accepted into a local holiday craft show, I have my very own letterpress and have been working hard towards exhibiting at my first trade show in 2014. The Dream Acceleration™ Program helped shift my perspective and made me realize that I was sitting back and passively participating with my dream rather than being an active partner with it. I now stretch beyond my fears and go for the things that scare me and I’ve learned to start before I’m ready. These things alone have been instrumental in helping me step up my game and actually make my dreams come to life. I certainly never thought I’d be on the path to running a full time letterpress studio at this stage of the game and Tara and The Dream Acceleration™ Program helped me get to this point. I am forever grateful to Tara and the Dream Acceleration Program and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to pursue their dreams seriously.”

~ Erika Dillon, Designer + Printer

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Ushmi“I was struggling to define my dream life, especially in relation to the coaching business I had set up.  I knew there was something that was calling me to expand, yet I was unable to pinpoint exactly what this meant and how to go about doing so.  As a result I was frustrated and ready to give up on my dreams. Since receiving coaching with Tara through The Dream Acceleration™ Program, I now am not only completely clear on what my dream business looks like, but also fully committed to making it happen. The process allowed me to look deeply into myself and take responsibility for the life I want to lead. Since the program, I now have more energy and passion to take on what I really want. Thank you Tara!!!”

~ Ushmi Dosaja, P.ush Potential, Germany

Elena“I was dissatisfied with the life I was living. I could recognize the repeating (undesirable) patterns that kept coming up, yet I felt like a helpless observer – spinning my wheels, powerless, isolated, and exasperated. I didn’t know how much longer I was going to be able to take it. Going it alone was not producing results, despite my love of self-help books. Since receiving coaching with Tara I am now deeply grounded in belief that my dreams are valid and possible! I am also much gentler with myself, acknowledging and celebrating things I would have previously taken for granted. I have re-discovered my strengths, dusted off my skills, and found confidence in my own inner voice and intuition. As my accomplishments during The Dream Acceleration™ Program have made me giddy with excitement, I feel like I’m finally claiming my territory where I’ve always belonged. And oh what a powerful feeling!”

~ Elena Pike, textile designer

Tom“Before The Dream Acceleration™ Program my relationship with my dream was undernourished. Tara encouraged me to give my dream a voice, so I could understand our relationship from its point of view.  It was then that I learned how my dream really felt. Since receiving The Dream Acceleration™ Program coaching, I have attracted a job that supports me perfectly as a stepping stone to making my ultimate, cherished dream come true: playing my dream role in an upcoming movie, executive produced by Martin Scorcese. What I thought was impossible is now within my grasp.  I only needed a community of dreamers, and an informed and generous coach, to make life come alive.”

~ Tom Paolino, Actor

Janina“Have you had such amazing opportunities in your life that seemed like they were delivered to the wrong person or at the wrong time? You think: “This couldn’t be for me! This is too much! It sounds great but add one more thing to my plate?” But something inside you feels inspired to go with it and to go FOR it!  And when you look back, you know that was a GIFT and it was such a pivotal event that changed so much?

Two years ago, when I was presented with and considered the  Dream Acceleration™ Program those were the questions I was asking myself!!!  But when the nudge and inner feelings said “go for it”, I committed to learn more and be open to whatever that meant for me at the time.

Throughout the Dream Acceleration Program, I experienced emotions that went all over the place – scared to learn something new about myself, excited to grow and expand, grateful for meeting new people and forming relationships who I knew were key in supporting me in the changes, learnings and shifting that I was experiencing during that time.  Now I feel NO REGRETS!  The program material gave me so much to think about in my life – I felt like I had more CHOICES and discovered I had PERMISSION to decide what was right and good for me and SEE what was really possible!

When an opportunity comes along like this – AND at such a reasonable price – how can you not at least see what it is about and consider how it might create shifts in your life?”

~  Janina Goldberg, San Diego, CA

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Dawn Richerson“When I said “Yes!” to Tara and her Dream Acceleration™ Program, I said yes to the dreams I had long held in my heart. Those dreams had seemed far off and impractical. I had found ways to pursue them half-way, but that was no longer enough. Tara provided a step-by-step process and created a beautiful space that allowed me to embrace my dreams with abandon. Tara is inspiring and insightful — and she has an infectious laugh! She holds the highest vision for you and allows you to move forward at a pace and style most comfortable for you. Thank you, Tara, for being a champion for me, my life, and my dreams.”

~  Dawn Richersonon, Creative Revolutions

Janine Ouellette Sullivan“I first met Tara about 4 years ago when I was in a very low place. My daughter had a crisis and was a mess. At that point the stress in my life was massive. I pushed myself out the door one Saturday afternoon to a fair being held a few towns away. It was a day of lectures and workshops. All the way to the event I said a prayer. ‘Bless and send me someone who can help me.’ I picked my workshops for the day and one of them was Tara’s. I sat up front. I listened carefully. The words were foreign to me but something registered. Something stirred within me. I didn’t really know what had happened. Me? Dream?…. what? Me + Dream = ? I honestly didn’t know what tightly closed door within me had been opened. I walked to her table later sort of confused, perplex, curious. I said with wide eyes and complete innocence, wondering what had occurred….”so what exactly is it you do?” I laugh when I think of that story today. What Tara does is open up even the most tightly closed doorways to self-discovery. Tara provided the tools I needed to blow the top off the tiny box that housed my dreams. I truly believe the sky is the limit now!!! I am in awe of the possibilities my dreams now have as they thrive in real time!

I have participated in several of Tara’s workshops. Each time I am amazed at the fine-tuning. The Dream Acceleration™ Program has been especially powerful for me. I have a zest that I have not known before. I feel the life I was trying to breath into my dream is breathing life into me! Now that’s balance.

I feel like my true self now. I went from someone who was nervous to speak on the phone, to a women confident enough to give radio and cable television interviews! Morning and evening, I move toward my dream each and every day. I sit back in amazement of what is happening weekly. Beyond the projects I handle, the gift is the ease in which I move through it. My life, my dreams feel completely natural to me now.

Tara, you have helped me more than you know. I was afraid to be me. Thank God you offered a gentle push and gave me the space, as awkward as it felt, to be me. THANK YOU TARA!”

~ Janine Ouellette Sullivan, writer

Jayleigh“Tara’s offering is rich and full. I benefited from being encouraged to think differently (particularly around believing that my past need not determine my future) and being immersed in an environment where these new thoughts and beliefs were supported. I learned a lot and am still learning, but my favorite part was the energetic and intuitive holding Tara provided—always believing in me, providing pieces of information just when I needed them even when there was no logical way she could have known those particular pieces were needed at that time.  She truly weaves powerful patterns that help hold those of us who are learning to live new paradigms.”
Kimberly Nelson“I was stuck, unhappy with where I had arrived in my life, and I had only an outline of where I’d dreamed of being, both physically and emotionally. However, I was doing very little beyond simply just THINKING about my dreams. I was ready to stop letting life happen TO me, and live and create a life I design.

Since receiving coaching with Tara through The Dream Acceleration™ Program, I now have the tools to make my dreams come true. I’ve been encouraged to dream bigger, and have dared to just BE. I had been spending a lot of energy lamenting about who I was not, and what I was missing in my life. Now, as I work on becoming my future self, I am appreciating my present self. It’s a beautiful shift in perspective that has left me open to more joy in my life, and is helping to propel me towards living my dreams. Thank you to Tara, Janina, and the rest of my Dream Acceleration family!”

~ Kimberly V. Nelson

Kimberly Kirk“If I had to sum up my biggest gains from participating in The Dream Acceleration™ Program, I’d say, first, that I FEEL so much more joy and happiness in my life because I’m no longer sitting around spinning my wheels, wishing things were different and feeling confused on what to do next. I now have specific tools that I can utilize on my own.  If I don’t know what to do next about something, anything, I just go back on my program materials and work through the process.  Second, I FEEL wholly support and encouraged to become the best me I can be. I’ve learned to change my own though processes that were holding me back, and to really celebrate every success and joy in my life!  I truly loved every aspect of Tara’s program and I am telling you right now – don’t wait a second longer to embrace your dreams!  I always knew that life could be oh so much better and now I’m actualizing it! The entire experience was both essential and necessary to create the momentum I needed to propel me into my future with a big ole’ smile on my face.”

~ Kimberly Kirk, professional pool champion & creative entrepreneur

Beau Stubblefield-Tave“Thanks to you, Tara, I can consider working with a coach by phone, even if I’ve never met them in person. Our brief conversation was more convincing than any number of articles or testimonials.”

~ Beau Stubblefield-Tave, The Cultural Imperative

    Want to be the next success story? Receive a complimentary 30-minute telephone coaching session with Tara and explore the possibilities for YOUR life. ($150 value!)

Terri Sinclair“Working with Tara made me realize that every dream is achievable if you have the right support. In our fast-paced multi-tasking lives, Tara is able to get to the heart of what’s most important to our happiness.”

~ Terri Sinclair, trainer & sales coach

Ann Ducharme“If you have been simmering a dream on the back burner, and you are ready to bring it front and center in your life, Tara and her team are the best support to give yourself. With practical tools to assist you in the manifestation process, her heartfelt guidance and honoring encouragement will help you step into the life you’ve always dreamed!”

~ Ann Ducharme, The Heart Spot, yoga and healing center

Chad Byington“Tara, I want to thank you in advance for the opportunity to join your Dream Acceleration™ Program.  Even though we only had a short conversation yesterday, it totally impacted my day today.  For the first time ever, I turned my job, which I can’t stand, into a vehicle – a positive experience that leads me to my dreams.  Everyone even said that I seemed so happy today, which is not something I hear all that much anymore.  So….THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  This journey is one of the most exciting thing I have done in ages… I truly feel 18 again!”

~ Chad Byington 

Laurie Gustafson “We are not even half-way through The Dream-Acceleration Program™, and I have been having one incredible synergistic day after another!  Tara said this process would be mysterious and projound – and she wasn’t kidding! After living most of my life letting life happen to me, I am finally making my life happen on my terms by applying the tips and step-by-step tools that I have learned over these short few weeks. Tears of joy have been to my soul what soap is to the body!  I’m so excited about the clarity I have, and the realization that I really don’t have to do it alone.  Now, there’s no question in my mind that I will LIVE my dream, not just dream it. Thank you!

~ Laurie Gustafson

Janine Ouellette Sullivan“Tara, I had one of my first coaching chats with you about a year ago. Though I am who I am at my core I am not the same person as far as adhering to limiting beliefs. There has been a mega shift in how I move forward. Start today. When you look back over a years time you’ll find yourself saying…..WHAT, WOW, WOOWEEE! I know I have. 🙂 ”

~ Janine Ouellette Sullivan, founder, Journey du Jour 

An Dream Acceleration™ Program inspired self-portrait testimonial by Raji Simpson, a graduate of the Dream Acceleration Program:

Raji Simpson

Lisa Luken“It has been just over one year since I first connected with Tara.  I’ve always had an “I can do it myself” attitude but I followed my heart and took that first step to reach out and connect with her. From the moment Tara first asked me to imagine my dream day, my life began to head in a new direction.  I knew I had made the right decision … which has turned out to be the first of many “right” decisions since then! I’ve grown in so many ways through the work I’ve done, first with The Dream Acceleration™ Program, and then I decided to continue on with the Dream Acceleration Graduates Program and private coaching. I’m no longer living life by default.  I’m no longer wishing for someday. I’m seeing the possibilities all around me.  I’m choosing to spend my energy in ways that bring me joy.  I’m realizing that I can be the change I wish to see in this world.  I don’t let others frustrate me with their choices … instead, I choose to show them their freedom by acting on and living mine. Tara knows exactly what to ask in such a graceful yet intentional way.  She is intuitive and understanding, yet she will not let you make excuses. She has “been there” and it is evident that she is choosing to live the life of her dreams.  She truly wants you to live your dream life!  I am grateful to be guided by her and to also be a part of such a dedicated group of people from all over the world (in the Graduates program). I cannot wait to see what I create over the next year … and beyond!”

~ Lisa Luken, Professional Organizer

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Susan Wesley“I was scattered, unable to focus, feeling a need to get organized, had lots of unfinished business that I was not even aware of, and I was not providing space for the dream I thought I knew. As we began, I found myself getting more confused and having questions about my dream. Was it my dream or the dream of someone else? And who would that someone else be?  I started looking for definition, questioning myself. Since receiving coaching with Tara through The Dream Acceleration™ Program, I now really have clarity and focus.  I have learned the difference between a to do list and a tolerations list.  I have finished a whole lot of unfinished business, cleared space and gotten on board with creating my dream. The support of other dreamers provided me with the opportunity to learn others’ dreams and how they too were manifesting them into reality, the very stuff they had thought was not feasible! This provided me with much support and encouragement. Now I am continuing with Tara in private coaching.  I know I have leapt many times in less than 3 months.  From the outside it might not look like much has happened, yet, but on the inside, I know I am dreaming on purpose, that there is space to create and act upon my dream, and I have found peace amidst what was before chaos and mess!  I am on my way.”

~ Susan Wesley, Juice Plus independent rep & massage therapist

Nicole N“Prior to my engagement in Tara’s Dream Acceleration™ Program, I had a dream burning inside of me for many, many years but it only seemed to get ignited while I was on vacation. I would get excited about my dream and spend countless hours fantasizing about it.  But that’s where it ended – in my fantasies. Life would get hectic and I’d just shrug it off thinking I’d get to it … someday. Now, having completed the Dream Acceleration Program and hired Tara as my coach, I am well on my way to achieving ALL of my goals.  I’m a psychotherapist with a private practice and referrals are flowing. I lost 14lbs in 30 days. And I began consulting for my old corporation which has DOUBLED my monthly income!!!  I’m transforming my living space too.  The list of immediate transformations goes on and on but essentially I have found this program to be my compass and my touchstone.  It’s not magic; it does require work by the dreamer but the support and guidance have been crucial to my continued success! Happiness and Freedom are the two major consequences of my investment in the Dream Acceleration Program and Tara’s coaching!  I’m truly in awe of the changes!”

~ Nicole J. Navega, LICSW

Shelly“I was confused about my vision and what I was creating for my life and my clients, and I had way too much busy work!  Since receiving coaching with Tara through The Dream Acceleration™ Program, I’m now crystal clear and see new possibilities!  One of the things we do for our clients is create joyful lifetime memories and my vision for myself and my family is about a lifestyle of PLAY – and climbing to new heights! I’ve cleared clutter, got the dream bed I had been wanting, moved my office out of my bedroom and into a newly organized beautiful office, and Tara also helped me to see that if I want the 68 acres of land, it can be done and be part of the vision of tree houses and climbing groves I’ve always wanted.I feel much more energized and on track with my life since The Dream Acceleration™ Program!”

~ Shelly Byrne, EarthJoy Tree Adventures

Laura“Before participating in The Dream Acceleration™ Program, I felt my life swirling around me. I knew something was out of alignment, but couldn’t quite put my finger on what. The truth was I was allowing things to happen TO me, not taking the reigns on my life, not focusing on creating my life to be what I really wanted it to be, both personally and professionally.  As a result of the program, I feel more centered and balanced, have a nice flow in my home, relationships, and career. I am now conscious of my choices and I ask myself before taking on even the most seemingly simple task: Is this going to move me toward or away from my dream life? Will this give me energy or deplete my energy? It’s made a world of difference to me. I have Tara to thank for a new way of BEING!”

~  Laura Tryon Jennings, artist, art educator & expressive arts facilitator

Bridget Marsh“After many years of self study and personal development, Tara’s programme has helped me break through several blocks that were holding me back.  I felt totally supported to express my deepest held beliefs and personal thoughts.  It was this opportunity to really express my thoughts and have them heard by others from the place of ‘what can I offer that will be helpful to Bridget’ that was instrumental in this breakthrough. That and Tara’s ability to really hear and get to the heart of an issue. The Dream Acceleration™ Program is extraordinary and very special.  I recommend it to anyone who is stuck, unsure of their direction in life or wanting to achieve a heartfelt goal they haven’t managed to date.”

~ Bridget Marsh, Auckland, New Zealand, Creating What Matters

Johanna Corcoran“When I first started working with Tara, I was in a job that no longer thrilled me, was taking days/ nights/weekends away from my family (and 4 year old daughter), and was not giving me any real sense of satisfaction. I just knew there was something more for me out there….I’d signed up to receive Tara’s newsletter and was always aware of her programs. The timing never worked out, and frankly, I don’t think I was ready. In November 2008, I finally was. I signed up for her January 2009 session. I had an inkling of what I wanted to do, but without the confidence in my dream, or myself to make it happen. What I got that first night was overwhelming affirmation that what I wanted to do was needed in the world, and that I was in the perfect position to offer it.

Each week, we worked on our “dreams”, did some great “discovery” exercises and formed a close bond with each other. By the end of the program we had all traveled quite far into our “dream lives”. Along with that came the knowledge that everyone has a dream – and I started to ask people in my personal life what those dreams were. This inspired some really wonderful, connected moments with people I had not interacted with on that level before.

For me, it changed the way I view the world, and my talents and abilities. I will say that you get what you put into it – and if it is approached with an open mind and the desire to create with others and yourself then it is a very rewarding experience and well worth the investment.

I left my uninspiring job that August to spend more time with my daughter (one of my dreams) and to create my dream business, Familytopia. Having my own business allows me the flexibility to work while my daughter is in school, and be home in time to meet her bus and spend the afternoon with her, just like I dreamed!  I am happier than I have ever been – and I owe it all to this experience.”

~ Johanna Corcoran, founder of Familytopia

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Janina Goldberg - Dream Acceleration Program“As I look back just one year ago, after having participated in the  Dream Acceleration™ Program and then continuing as a private coaching client of Tara’s, I am simply amazed at how much has changed – for the better! This includes: taking a big leap and leaving the corporate career I had outgrown, enjoying and consciously choosing how I spend my time and energy, releasing old worn out beliefs … and by no coincidence, SO many new opportunities have shown themselves to me like, for example, becoming co-facilitator of the very program that was so pivotal to my journey! The tools and support I’ve received have helped me become more of my authentic self and provided me with the safe and loving environment I needed to explore, clarify, and make changes for a far more rewarding, relaxed, confidence experience of life!  I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to now share and contribute to the journeys of others in this powerful way.”

~ Janina Goldberg, team member The Dream Acceleration™ Program

Carianne Mack Garside“I was feeling lost with career choices I faced and overwhelmed at my options. I wanted to make a living as a visual artist but faced many financial and psychological roadblocks. Tara’s questions prompted me to define my priorities and helped me to see my goals more clearly.  Through our conversations and my “homework”, I came up with a unique solution for the creative path my life wanted to take.  Tara is an excellent listener and it’s clear that she sincerely loves what she done.  She’s a natural at coaching.”

~ Carianne Mack Garside, Painter and Art Professor

Jacqueline Trudeau“Thank you, Tara for a fantastic program! The Dream Acceleration™ Program was absolutely eye opening.There has been a HUGE shift in my thinking on making my dream a reality. I’ve really learned the importance of living my purpose and I so appreciate the many helpful new tools I now have to create a life I love.  I enjoyed connecting with new friends and sharing the journey with other dreamers-in-action. I am so excited to move forward with my dream of helping others through music.  I now know what I want, and I know “the how” will continue to come as I keep myself focused and in the NOW. Thanks again!”

~ Jacqueline Trudeau, Healing Through Music

Noemi Soto“For 7 years, I was aimlessly trying to create and launch my vision, with no clear path or sense of direction. I’ve been dreaming of much needed programs, services, community projects, fundraisers, and ministries. I felt like I was bouncing off walls never knowing where I would end up next. Since my participation in The Dream Acceleration™ Program, I now have direction and I can see a path emerging with every aligned action step I take! I have been taught to look towards my Future Self to inspire my steps, and given tools to balance intimidation and fear with excitement and celebration. I have more joy and honestly I feel more safe and have less fear pursuing my dreams now. Thank you Tara, your work has been an answer to my prayers!

~ Noemi Alicea Soto, Visionary, Speaker and Director of “BG2G”

Julie Medley“Tara, thank you for encouraging me to put paintbrush to paper! The world is definitely a better place. Magic and miracles do happen because of people like you.THANK YOU!!!”

~ Julie Medley, artist



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