Nomadic Living 101

Nomadic Living 101: How to Live Nomadically – for a Month, a Season, a Year, or Forever.

Nomadic [nō-ˈma-dik]: adj. Relating to, or characteristic of, being on the move.

Our world is changing. It makes sense that how and where we work, and how we define “home” is changing too.

It can feel relentless and be utterly exhausting, waiting and hoping for that fated “someday”, or retirement, or vacation, or after you lose 10 pounds, or after you get out of debt, or after the kids are in college, or (fill in the blank) … to live boundlessly.

We have cracked a lifestyle code.

The longing for mobility is a dream that many share – yet few do it. We want to help YOU make it real.

In this Nomadic Living 101 course we pull back the curtain on EVERYTHING you could ever want to know about RV life — *EVERY*-THING:

==> From storage, to style, to the tricks and tips we’ve learned along the way that will save you oodles of time, frustration AND dollars!

==> We will even be sharing considerations for RV sex! (yup.)

==> From the best approaches to go about downsizing …

==> Pets on the road …

==> Towing, and technology, and checklists, and finances …

==> Choosing and making arrangements for where to go …

==> Earth-friendly strategies, and self-care, and food prep, and stocking your kitchen

==> Selecting the right RV for you

==> Solar, and batteries, and toilets

==> How to secure your stuff

==> Managing your jitters

==> Relationships on and off the road

==> How to get mail …

==> Location-independent business strategies and remote employment …

==> Banking and bill payments …

==> “Glamping” and decor …

and so much more!

If you are even a little bit curious about exploring the possibilities of nomad life — be it for a month, a season, a year, or forever …. we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you join!
Our heartfelt goal is to help YOU live the lifestyle your soul is itching for, all while 100% making it YOURS.
YouTube videos aren’t going to do this for you.


An RV salesman isn’t going to do this for you.


Neither will a mechanic or sales rep at Camping World.


In this totally comprehensive course we customize, entirely based on your personality, preferences, needs, hopes, dreams, and desires.


Contact if you are on the fence and have any questions.


You don’t have to look far to see that you’re not alone in the rat race, but there’s no true solace in that! (If anything, commiseration can further reinforce the sense that no one is immune and that there’s no hope of escape.)

*But there is.*

Responsibilities and “to-dos” do not have to feel never ending. The longing for free time and mental space for creativity and relaxation does not need to feel like a fantasy any longer.

YET – as long as you’re carrying around pervasive angst and daunting levels of “have tos”, and feeling like you’re caught in a status quo race to a-finish-line-your-heart-isn’t-really-in, you are never going to feel the freedom that life has to offer.

And that would be a damn shame.

Ever said any of these things?

“I’d love to travel more – someday.”
“I’ll spend more time in nature – soon.”
“I’ll take time off – right after x, y, z project is done.”
“I’ll take better care of myself – starting tomorrow.”
“I’ll nurture my relationships more – soon.”
“I’ll bring on more support – someday.”
“I’ll simplify my systems – next week.”
“I’ll create more order and get rid of stuff – soon.”
“I’ll have more free time – after x, y, z, and a, b, c gets done.”

Ever start and then stop, and then start over again, and again, recommitting and having busy-ness de-rail your best intentions? Ever lost your focus and find yourself falling back into old routines?

Your time has come. No more waiting or letting your true priorities be de-railed.

Curious how to integrate a nomadic lifestyle into YOUR life – for a month, a season, a year or forever? This program is designed FOR YOU.

No question will go unanswered. You will receive customized support on all things logistical, mechanical, lifestyle and social.  So you too can live boundlessly, now not later.

>>> Ready to learn what it REALLY takes to live a nomadic lifestyle?

>>> Eager to experience the freedom and adventure of nomadic living – for 1 month, 1 year, or forever?

>>> Do you long to travel and have more spontaneity and FUN in your life?

>>> Want DIRECT ACCESS to a location-independent business owner and remote working employee for strategies and tips on how you too can have the freedom to live and work from the road?

>>> Looking for answers about RV mechanics, logistics, and lifestyle – all in ONE PLACE?

You’ve found it!  Starts April 26, 2018!

Price: $1197 Only $997 for the next 10 people who register!
(Or, 3 easy payments of $350!)

Full Pay

We’re Carl & Tara:


The longing for mobility is a dream that many share – yet few do it.

We are living this dream, and you can too!  

Along with our dog Cosmo, we live full-time in an RV, traveling and working from the road, salsa dancing and exploring each state at their own pace. It’s a sweet life and with some planning, creativity and intentional design, you can do it too!

We’re going to show you how.

In business since 2004, Tara is founder and president of her location-independent life and business coaching company.  Carl is a remote working IT employee who logs in from the road.

So — not only will you get Carl’s wealth of thoughtful, systematic, mechanically-oriented know-how … and Tara’s strategic outside-the-box, design-conscious, lifestyle-oriented approach … you also get to the advice, real-world strategies, and the inside scoop on working remotely, from both an employee and an entrepreneur. (Invaluable!)

STARTS: Thursday, April 26, 2018 @ 4pm Eastern  (Each video module is delivered LIVE & recorded so you can watch at your convenience.)

Price: $1197 Only $997 for the next 10 people who register!
(Or, 3 easy payments of $350!)

Full Pay

In this course we share ALL — our experience, our knowledge, our detours, our lessons learned, and full-disclosure tips and discoveries about what it really takes to make this awesome lifestyle real for you.  We’ve learned a *ton* on our journey, and are so excited to support YOU in experiencing this lifestyle for yourself.

* Nomadic Living 101: How to Live Nomadically – for a Month, a Season, a Year, or Forever. *

We’re here to help YOU create a life you don’t need a vacation from. Yes, vacations can be great. But what’s even better is when your everyday life is so life-affirming, gratifying, and joy-filled that when you DO take a “vacation”, there won’t be an ounce of dread or remorse when it’s time to return to your everyday life. Make sense?


==> Downsizing: Prepping for the transition
==> How it works: All things logistical & mechanical
==> Wheel estate: Selecting the RV set-up that’s right for you
==> Green stuff: How to be frugal without sacrificing fun (a.k.a. Did you win the lotto?)
==> Wellbeing: Food, fitness & relationship tips for the road
==> The D-word: Making the decision to go for it
==> Maximizing space: Décor, organizing & “glamping” (glamorous amenity-rich camping)
==> The Journey Forward: Hitting the road, your way.
==> Bonus module: Ask us anything Q&A

Price: $1197 Only $997 for the next 10 people who register!
(Or, 3 easy payments of $350!)

Full Pay


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