The Team

(It takes a village.)  Meet Janina, Carl, Annette, Dave & Colleen:


Janina Goldberg
Executive Support Team Member & Dream Acceleration™ Coach, Janina is – in a word – awesome. Mom, wife, and esteemed corporate employee for over 23 years, gone rouge.  Process support queen, maintainer of order, manager of details, and a true advocate for others’ potentials, Janina is known for consistently bringing her patient, calm energy and deep respect for others to all that she does. A Dream Acceleration™ Program graduate herself, Janina is a gifted and skilled facilitator and coach who is committed to serving and supporting DAP members in getting the absolute most out of the program and personalizing its rich, dream-propelling content to best meet their individual needs. Here’s a bit of Janina’s personal story, in her own words:

“As I look back, after having participated in the Dream Acceleration™ Program and then continuing as a private coaching client of Tara’s, I am simply amazed at how much has changed – for the better! This includes: taking a big leap and leaving the corporate career I had outgrown, enjoying and consciously choosing how I spend my time and energy, releasing old worn out beliefs … and by no coincidence, SO many new opportunities have shown themselves to me like, for example, becoming co-facilitator of the very program that was so pivotal to my journey! The tools and support I’ve received have helped me become more of my authentic self and provided me with the safe, loving environment I needed to explore, clarify, and make changes for a far more rewarding, relaxed, confident experience of life! I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to now share and contribute to the journeys of others in this powerful way. Can’t wait to get dreaming with you!”


Carl Shearer
Carl is a remote working IT employee, Tara’s partner and nomadic living companion (along with their dog, Cosmo).  As co-facilitator of the Nomadic Living 101 Course, Carl adds tremendous value to the program, not only providing the male perspective, but also bringing his experience as a remote employee.  Carl’s clear teaching style, focus on safety, and his extensive mechanical know-how is invaluable to understanding the practical aspects of the nomadic lifestyle.  He is also a buttery smooth salsa dancer, in case you were wondering. 🙂



Annette Leahy 
Annette is our trusted webmaster and virtual assistant. She provides a host of administrative, account management, mailing list, and website related tasks. And for this we are so very grateful.



Dave & Colleen Millett
Dave & Colleen Millett, of Somerset, MA provide virtual CPA and Bookeeping services, with monthly accounting reports and tax filing support. Having them on ‘Team Tara’ has been invaluable.


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