Have you ever wondered what nomadic living is like? 

Together with my boyfriend and dog, I live full time in an RV, living and working from the road, salsa dancing, exploring and traveling at our own pace. 

And I’m so excited to share the Nomadic Living interview I did with best-selling Publisher and Host, Linda Joy, on OMTimes network’s Inspired Conversations Radio Show. Linda’s show is dedicated to bringing you intimate, authentic conversations with today’s leading visionary women in personal and spiritual development, success and mindset, natural health and wellness, conscious business and self-empowerment.

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“If I knew then what I know now, I would have…”

Some common responses are:

… I would have stayed in school.

… I would have vacationed more.

… I would have/have not taken that job offer.

Fill in the blank for yourself:

“I would have ____________________.”

When you were a kid, what did YOU imagine yourself doing as an adult?  What did you imagine your life would be like? Who did you imagine you would BE?

Think back ten years:  What were you doing ten years ago?  Who were you? Did you have a dream? What was your heart longing for?

How about five years ago:  Who did you imagine becoming? Did you start making headway on those ten years ago visions?

And how about NOW:  Are you who you imagined you’d BE? Have you fulfilled your deepest desires?  Or did “life happen” instead?  Did “shoulds” and “have-tos” and the busy-ness of daily life derail or delay your dreams?

Be gentle – but honest – with yourself, and really connect to your answers.

  • What is the impact of NOT BEING your best and brighest self?
  • How does it FEEL to realize how much time has gone by?
  • What hurts your HEART when you identify what’s gone undone?
  • What do you sense would make ALL the difference for you and your life?

Awareness can be uncomfortable, but it’s also the where the motivation for change lives. Honest self-awareness is the very thing that will fuel the changes needed to create what you want … (so stay with it).

“Imagination is everything. It’s a preview of life’s coming attractions.”

Would you believe that quote is attributed to Albert Einstein?!? Not Walt Disney, or Dr. Seuss … but Einstein!  Look around. Everything that IS – everything that has come to BE, was first an idea – an imagining.

And who you are BECOMING is no different. 

Dream realization is not about knowing more, or having more, as much as it is about BEING more.

The worst thing you can do is let even more time go by and talk yourself out of taking action NOW.  You really don’t have to wait to take the next steps to BE who you are becoming – in fact the sooner you embrace the opportunity you have to, in this very moment, make the commitment to do what it takes and set yourself up with the right support to make it happen … the sooner you’ll manifest the actual experience for yourself!

We really can’t do it alone.  (If you have a little voice saying, “Yes I can” … I challenge you to honestly take a look at how that’s going for you.)

Your dreams are the voice of your soul. Regardless of your present circumstances and regardless of how impractical or outlandish your dreams may seem to you right now, your job is to take the next step anyway.

Getting more acquainted and familiar with WHO you are becoming will change your life. Really. Just imagine the benefits of consciously putting your attention and energy there … such wonder and possibility awaits YOU!

My Next Step Challenge for YOU:

Reach out to me personally to schedule a complimentary, private, one-to-one tele-session – my GIFT. Let’s explore together how I can support you in accelerating your own inspired journey to BE who you’re becoming. You’ll be amazed what can happen in just one call together! 

Here it is!  Our 6-video series about Nomadic Living — all in ONE place.  (You’re welcome.)

VIDEO 1: Why we decided to live full time in an RV


VIDEO 2: What we knew or thought we knew about RV-ing before our journey


VIDEO 3: Nomadic Life 20′ Home Tour


VIDEO 4: The Realities of Downsizing


VIDEO 5: Teamwork and Relationships on the Road


VIDEO 6: Our Nomad Life: Money, Success, A Typical Day & Our Evolving Horizon


Learn more and join us for our life-changing program: Nomadic Living 101!


“Why do you want what you want?” is a question that often stops people in their tracks.

Especially when things get challenging and you’re being asked to s-t-r-e-t-c-h beyond what’s comfortable or easy. In fact, the question in those moments might sounds more like: “Why the heck am I doing this again?!?”

We all have moments of doubt. Yet, the true antidote to stay on track, is the clarity of knowing “Your Why.”

In my work to help you create a life (and business) you love so gosh-darned-much that you don’t need a vacation … one key is having plenty of “Why” in your tank.  All too often, folks start out strong – pedal to the metal – and then midway through, start to lose steam, feel unclear and disconnected as to why they set out on this journey to begin with!

(By the way, how are those New Years Resolutions going?)

The good news: it is not too late to get back in gear and reconnect to your fuel.

Fuel: (noun) an energy source, something that gives nourishment, something that sustains or encourages.
(verb) to provide with fuel, to support and stimulate movement.

You know this… On life’s journey, you need to fuel in the tank if you expect a car to get you where you’re going. You know you need to eat and nourish your body so it can convert the calories into the energy you need to put one foot in front of the other. Basic stuff, right?

But what about Inspirational Fuel – that critical energy source that sustains you in pursuit of your deepest dreams and desires? What fuels your excitement and desire to do what you love? To follow your dreams? To live your truth? Where does that come from? What keeps you going?

The answer require you to dig deep. To go beyond thoughts like … “I have no choice” or “So-and-so expects me to” or “It’s just what I do…”

What is it that you really truly want? And WHY do you want it? (Notice, I’m NOT asking how to make it happen. Not yet. How comes later.)  Don’t get ahead of yourself and fall down a “how hole.” It starts with getting clear on what you want and why you want it.

Your “Why” is Jet Fuel for dream realization.  And the pump, the fuel station where you’ll find this high octane Jet Fuel is … your heart. When you fill your tank here, it simply won’t feel good to “sit on it” another day. You’ll be in motion, in action, and on the fast-track to it’s creation.

Here are some honest down-and-dirty roadside questions to get YOU moving:

  • What ideas make you feel excited to get up and out of bed in the morning?
  • Who’s on your Dream Team? Where do you receive true support? Is it time to add to this team?
  • How do you feel right now?
  • What kind of life are YOU actively creating for yourself?
  • What are you – the powerful creator of your own experience – deciding about your future?
  • Are you easily derailed by nay-sayers?
  • Look around. Do you see more obstacles or do you see more opportunities?
  • What lights YOUR fire?
  • How do you measure progress?
  • What inspired action step are you in process with right now?
  • What will you do within the next 24 hours to move your dream forward?

In order to realize your dreams and be on the path of expanding possibilities, it is absolutely critical that you get clear on your very own personal WHY – why you want what you want.  Your “why” doesn’t have to be lofty or fancy, but it needs to be TRUE and you need to know what it is. Knowing your Why is like holding the keys to a Maserati with a full tank.

Your Why is your connection to consistent drive and commitment. It’s your fuel to expand and s-t-r-e-t-c-h beyond fears, challenges, and any limiting beliefs that have you playing smaller than you really are. Your WHY is your beacon and your touchstone. (In other words, when you start getting tired and begin wondering why-in-the-world you embarked on this journey to begin with and seriously considering making a great big U-turn … your “Why” will kick in to overdrive, remind you, and give you the fuel needed to keep going.)

Tired of the breakdown lane? Ready to fill your tank? Meet me at the pump! 

If your Why needs fuel and you’re ready to step on that accelerator (read: not just talk about it), then reach out to me right away to schedule a complimentary, private, one-to-one tele-session – my GIFT to you. Together we’ll explore how I can support you in powering up your own inspired journey.  🙂

May your dreams always inspire more than they intimidate,

Tara Sage Coaching

I’m excited to share that my article “My Journey to Nomadic Living” is included in the just released April/May 2018 issue of Linda Joy’s Aspire Magazine. I hope it speaks to you! Please read, comment, share with others, and scroll down for the link to access the full Aspire Magazine issue.

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In this issue, you’ll find topics including shifting your money mindset, relationship transformation strategies, mindfulness, the Enneagram, and more. When you peek inside you’ll see why I’m excited to be a part of this high-vibe issue alongside so many inspiring contributors. Enjoy!

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